Stamping in Heat Embossing

An easy cardmaking technique - Rubber Stamping into Embossing Powder

Heat embossing is one of the techniques I first learned when I started making my own handmade cards and I still love it! But heat embossing is a technique you can stretch even further! Today, I want to share with you a technique that I learned from Gale Thompson over at “The Darby Creek Diaries” called hot stamping. Watch the video tutorial below or keep reading for the full run down!

An easy cardmaking technique, rubber stamping in heat embossing.

The Video Tutorial

Some supplies used in the video above were sent to me free of charge for design purposes. I only design for companies I can stand behind 100%! To see who I currently or have previously designed for head HERE.

Stamping in Heat Embossing Cardmaking Technique

This technique is really very simple. You need only embossing powder, an embossing ink pad (I used Versamark), a heat tool, cardstock, and a rubber stamp. I want to take a second to talk about the stamp choice here. The stamp you use has to be rubber. You can not use clear stamps for this technique it will ruin them. For my cards today, I am using stamps from Crackerbox & Suzy Stamps. I know that these are HIGH QUALITY and work wonderfully for this technique! Plus, I love their designs.

The main objective to this technique is to build up your layers of embossing powder to create a very thick layer of embossing powder. I used many different colors to layer on top of one another, but one color works just as well! Each project of mine contains 12-15 layers of embossing powder each. Once you’ve built it up, heat the powder one last time. When the powder is nice and hot, all that is left to do is press your rubber stamp into the hot powder. Let it sit and cool down, then peel up your stamp to reveal the stamped impression!

**If you aren’t happy with your impression, reheat the powder and it will level itself out. Then, you can repress your stamp!**

Making the Handmade Cards

Just a Note Tulip Card

Just a Note Handmade Card. Hot Stamping into the Embossing Powder with Tulips Rubber stamp.

For this first handmade card I used four different embossing powders. I layered them all onto a die cut oval. The powders used are all from Imagine Crafts and their names are Silver, Metallic Berry, Copper, and Matte Clear. Here’s a breakdown of the 12 layers.

  • Silver Embossing Powder x3
  • Metallic Berry Embossing Powder x3
  • Copper Embossing Powder x3
  • Matte Clear Embossing Powder x3
Adding texture to this cardmaking technique is easy by cracking the embossing powder!

The stamp that I pressed into the hot embossing powder is from Crackerbox & Suzy Stamps. It’s called “Tulips”. And you may notice in the photo, but after the embossing powder cooled, I bent the cardstock to crack the powder for a more distressed look!

The finished Just a Note Handmade Card is easy with just a little stenciling and a rubber stamped sentiment.

To finish this handmade card, I added a bit of stenciling to the A2 top folding card base. I used a Quatrefoil stencil from The Crafter’s Workshop and Sugared Lavender Ink from Catherine Pooler. After adhereing the embossed die cut with foam adhesive, I added the “Just a Note” banner sentiment to finish this simple card.

Bee-cause You’re Special Card

Honeycomb Stamped Heat Embossing

For my second handmade card, again I did all of my embossing on a die cut. This time I die cut a circle from heavy weight white cardstock. I also switched up the embossing powder colors, but they are all from Imagine Crafts. The colors I used for this card are New Years Eve, which is a sparkly black embossing powder, Yellow, and Gold Glitter which is a clear embossing powder that has gold glitter in it. Here’s the breakdown of the 15 layers.

  • New Years Eve x3
  • Yellow x2
  • Gold Glitter x2
  • New Years Eve
  • Gold Glitter
  • Yellow
  • Gold Glitter
  • Yellow x2
  • Gold Glitter x2
Stamping into Heat Embossing with Honeycomb Rubber Stamps from Crackerbox & Suzy Stamps.

The stamp I pressed into the hot embossing powder is from Crackerbox & Suzy Stamps. It’s called “Honeycomb”. With this project, I didn’t press the stamp just one time, but after the first impression in the center of the circle, I reheated the edges and pressed the stamp into the edges to create a fun honeycomb circle!

Bee-Cause You're Special Handmade Card

To finish this clean and simple card design, I matted the circle with a little larger of circle cut from black cardstock. On top of the honeycomb, I added the “Large Bee” stamped image that I fussy cut and colored. Finally, after adding the circles and bee to an A2 top folding card, I stamped the “Bee-cause You’re Special” sentiment with Versafine Clair Nocturne ink!

Marbled Thinking of You

Marbled Rainbow background with stamping from a rubber background stamp.

This was completely a happy accident! For this embossed rectangle, again I worked on heavy weight white cardstock. For the embossing I went in rainbow order with two layers of each color. And finally on top of the rainbow I added three layers of Opaque Irridescent embossing powder from Imagine Crafts. All in all, there are 15 layers of embossing powder on this rectangle! Here’s a breakdown of the layers.

  • Red x2
  • Orange x2
  • Yellow x2
  • Green x2
  • Blue x2
  • Purple x2
  • Opaque Irridescent x3
Marbled Rainbow Heat Embossed Background with Tulip Background Stamping. An easy thinking of you sentiment finishes this handmade card

This technique is a little different from what I previously did. After layering the embossing powder, I first stamped in two solid butterfly cluster stamps. But, I wasn’t seeing the rinabow colors beneath the white that I really wanted to pop through. I tried again, but it still wasn’t working out.

Using the Doodle Stix from Imagine Crafts is a great way to create the marbled heat embossed background! The embossing powder peels right off the silicone tips.

After remelting the powder, I brought in these little tools from Imagine Crafts. They have silicone tips, so they wont burn in the embossing powder and the powder peels right off when it dries. When you dip and swirl these little tools in the layers of embossing powder, it starts to create a marbled look and bring up the lower layers. It is such a neat look and could easily be left as is for a cool marble background!

**If you don’t have these tools, try using a tooth pick!!**

A Thinking of You Card with a Heat Embossed Rainbow Marble Background made with the Stamping in Embossing Powder Technique

While the powder was still hot, I pressed in a background stamp from Crackerbox & Suzy Stamps called “Tulips”. After it cooled down and I pulled up the stamp I was left with this textured, marbled background that is full of interest! Any powder that smooshed over the side, I trimmed down with scissors while it was still warm.

Thinking of You Handmade Card

I wanted all the focus to be on this marbled background, so I kept the rest of the card very simple. I matted the embossed panel with black cardstock and adhered them both to an A2 top folding card base. Finally, I added a “Thinking of You” sentiment banner with foam adhesive to finish this card!

Tips & Tricks for Stamping in Embossing Powder

  • LAYERS, LAYERS, LAYERS!!! Layering your embossing powder is so important. I used between 12-15 layers on each card. You don’t have to use as many colors, you can use just one color. But, layer it up multiple times!
  • RUBBER STAMPS MUST BE USED!!! If you try this technique with clear stamps you will ruin your stamp. This technique must be tried only with rubber stamps.
  • If your impression doesn’t come out the first time, you can reheat and try again! This cardmaking technique is one of the most forgiving I have ever tried. I tried and tried again, until I got the hang of it.
  • The embossing powder will be SUPER hot while you’re pressing in your stamp. It WILL burn you!! If you’re scared of burning yourself, use an acrylic block to press in your stamp.
  • Use heavy weight cardstock or thin chipboard as your base layer. You need a lot of stability for this many layers of embossing powder. Also, a chipboard handle will save your fingers!

I hope you all enjoyed a look at this cardmaking technique and can use it in your own crafty projects! It’s so much fun to play around and experiment stamping into embossing powder. You really can’t mess it up!!

If you are interested in any of the supplies I used today, you can find them all listed and linked down below. Until next time, happy crafting everyone!!

Supply List

The supply list and post above contains affiliate links that can be used at no additional cost to you! For more information on affiliate links and the full disclosure head HERE.

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