Brayered Background Cardmaking Technique – A Video Tutorial

Awhile ago I shared a video that was all about using your brayer to create really quick and easy backgrounds with acrylic paint for your handmade greeting cards. I love this cardmaking technique and it’s such a fast way to create backgrounsd with a lot of texture! Today, I want to share a few more brayered background with you. Be sure to watch the video tutorial below for all the details!

To check out my previous video on creating easy brayered backgrounds head HERE.

The Brayered Background Technique Video Tutorial

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The Brayered Background Technique

This technique is so simple! First of all, you will need a few supplies – a brayer, acrylic paint (I’m using heavy body acrylic paints), and watercolor or mixed media paper. I also like to use a “palette” which can be as simple as a laminated sheet of cardstock. This will serve as a place to hold and mix your paint.

After you gather your supplies, the technique is super easy to do! Start by placing the the paint onto the palette and rolling your brayer through the paint until it’s fully coated in an even layer. Then, take your brayer to the paper and start rolling the brayer over the paper in back and forth motions. Continue until you achieve the coverage you are looking for and you paint is in an even layer on the paper!

Making the Handmade Cards

Happy Birthday Handmade Card

For this background I went very simple! I used blue and white paint to create a bit of an ombre effect. Then, to finish the card I used the “I Think You’re S’Whale” stamp set from Joy Clair Stamps. I stamped and colored several of the images from the set and added then into a little underwater scene. I finished the card with a simple Happy Birthday sentiment that’s included in the stamp set!

For more handmade greeting card ideas using the “I Think You’re S’Whale” Stamp Set head HERE.

I Got Your Back Handmade Card

My second handmade greeting card is a good one for a friend who is going through a hard time. I used blue and green paint, along with the brayered background technique, to create a quick scene for the little cats I wanted to add. The cats are from the “Best Buds” stamp set, also from Joy Clair Stamps. I felt like the scene was just a little big for the cats, though. So I created a quick frame with an oval die and also used that frame to hold my sentiment! After adding a few die cut clouds this little scene, and card, was finished!

For more ideas using the Best Buds Stamp Set, head HERE.

It’s Gonna Be Ok Handmade Card

This last card of mine is very simple. But, it does have a shiny pearlescent background which adds just enough interest! I started by masking a heart on the watercolor paper. The masking paper is actually label paper, which has more stick and can hold up to the moisture of the paint.

Before brayering the background, I added Shimmery Goodness to the paint which gives the paint a pearlescent shine! I brayered this over the mask to finish this super simple background. And the sentiment is from one of my favorite stamp sets from Joy Clair Stamps called “You Got This“.

For more ideas using the “You Got This” Stamp Set head HERE.

Tips & Tricks for the Brayered Background Technique

  • For my cards I used heavy body acrylic paints. These, in my opinion, work best. They cover in one layer and are very opaque. HOWEVER, cheaper acrylic paints will work. Just know you will require more layers for fuller coverage and they will have a chalky appearance when dry. Also, they don’t provide as much texture.
  • You have to use the right paper for this technique. I used watercolor paper, but mixed media paper will also work. It needs to be able to hold up to the moisture of the paint, not pill and warp.
  • When creating backgrounds, the paint will continue to blend as long as the paint is wet. If you want to layer the paint of create more a scene, let the paint dry in between layers.

I hope you all enjoyed a look at this super easy cardmaking technique, brayered backgrounds! If you are interested in any of the supplies I used today, you can find them all listed and linked down below. Until next time, happy crafting everyone!!

Supply List

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