Tattersall Backgrounds with Markers – Cardmaking Video Tutorial

You all know that I love to make my own backgrounds for my handmade cards. Sometimes those backgrounds take a bit of time and have a few (or more) steps to them. Today’s cardmaking technique, easy tattersall backgrounds, is not one of those techniques. It is simple, quick, and requires only a ruler and markers! Watch the video below for all the details!

Easy Tattersall and Plaid Backgrounds with Markers

The Tattersall Background Technique Video Tutorial

Some supplies used in the video above were sent to me free of charge for design purposes. I only design for companie I can stand behind 100%. To see who I currently or have previously designed for head HERE.

Making Tattersall Backgrounds

To make these backgrounds you need just a few supplies, cardstock, a ruler, I like the Tim Holtz ruler, and markers. Markers are the most important part of this technique. I like to use the Memento markers, but any brush tip marker will work. Another great choice would be the Tombow Dual Tip markers. Also, you need a GOOD ruler for this technique. The ruler is what is going to guide your pattern.

For the tattersall pattern I like to use three different colors. If you have trouble with color combinations like I do, be sure to check out my Pinterest Board that is full of different combinations that work well together. Once you have your colors, it’s all about measureing and drawing stripes.

To start your pattern, use one color and simply start drawing stripes with your marker. Keep the stripes equal distances apart. An easy width to start with is 1″. Draw the lines both vertically and horizontally. Then, using your second color, draw lines again, this time in the middle of the previous stripes. If you used 1″ on your first lines then simply measure 0.5″ away from those first lines. Finally, it’s time for the final color. These lines are going to go in between the first two colors. Using the 1″ as a reference again, for the final color you would measure 0.25″ from your first colored lines. Be sure to watch the video above for the full break down! It’s much easier to watch this technique in action!

**Tip** The first two colors you use are going to have the least amount of color on the panel, and the third will be the most prominent. Be sure to keep that in mind as you start your pattern.

Making the Cards

Happy Birthday & You Make Me Smile Handmade Cards

Happy  Birthday and You Make Smile Handmade Cards with Tattersall Markers Backgrounds

My first panel was so easy to make. The three colors I used were Toffee Crunch, Teal Zeal, and Sweet Plum. After making the background though, I knew a lot would be covered because of my card design. When that happens I like to cut up my panel and get two cards out of it!

Happy Birthday Handmade Card. Stamped with Tulips Stamp and colored with colored pencils and OMS.

On my first card I used the Tulips stamp from Crackerbox & Suzy Stamps and a small Happy Birthday sentiment from the Tiny Sentiments Set 2 stamp set. I stamped and colored the tulips with colored pencils and OMS. And to finish the card I stamped the sentiment!

Be sure to check out my previous post for Crackerbox & Suzy Stamps! I use the same Tulips stamp, but for stamping in embossing powder! Check it out HERE!!

You Make Me Smile Handmade Card. Flower Flourish stamped with Desert Sand ink.

The second card I simple, too. I started by stamping the Flower Flourish stamp several time with Desert Sand ink. And to finish the card I added a “You Make Me Smile” sentiment banner!

This sentiments is one of my all time favorites from Crackerbox & Suzy Stamps. Check out a few more example of how I’ve used it HERE.

Get Well Soon Handmade Card

Get Well Soon Handmade Card with Tattersall Marker Background

For my second panel, I wanted to go a little lighter with my color selection. The marker colors I used were Angel Pink, Lulu Lavender, and New Sprout. I wanted to go lighter so I could stamp over the top with a silhouette or solid stamp!

Get Well Soon Handmade Card stamped with Flower Swirl rubber stamps.

To finish this simple card I started by stamping my solid stamps over the top of my background. I used the Flower Swirl Set of 2 from Crackerbox & Suzy Stamps and Versafine Clair ink in Pinecone, along with my MISTI. And finally, I added a “Get Well Soon” sentiment banner.

A Belated Handmade Birthday Card

Tattersall marker background cardmaking technique. A more masculine pattern.

On my third and final panel I wanted a more masculine color palette. This technique is perfect to use for more masculine, clean and simple cards. The colors of the markers I chose were Nautical Blue, Bamboo Leaves, and Gray Flannel.

Belated Handmade Masculine Birthday Card. Rubber stamps are from Crackerbox & Suzy Stamps

And keeping with the clean and simple masculine feel I only added a sentiment to finish this card. Again, the stamp is from Crackerbox & Suzy Stamps and it’s called “Belated”. It’s perfect for me and my forgetfulness!

Tips and Tricks for the Tattersall Background Technique

  1. Three colors really works best for this technique. You can try to use more and less, especially for more of a plaid look, but for tattersall, use three.
  2. If you have trouble choosing your color combination, check out my Pinterest board all about color combos!
  3. When putting together the background, remember the first two colors will have the least amount of stripes on the panel. The last color will have the most and be the most prominent color on the panel.
  4. A brush tip marker with a bit of firmness (Memento, Tombow) work best for this technique. You can try other markers, even Crayola markers can work!!
  5. Use a good ruler!!!! I like the Tim Holtz ruler because it has so many markings for easy alignment. This is the only tool you’re really using, so be sure to use a good one!

Making tattersall or plaid backgrounds with markers is really simple and I hope you all give it a try! These only take minutes to make and if you struggle with masculine cards like I do, these are perfect!

If you are interested in any of the stamps or supplies I used today, you can find them all listed and linked down below! Until next time, happy crafting!!

The supply list and post above contains affiliate links which can be used at no additional cost to you! For more information on affiliate links and the full disclosure head HERE.

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