Free Digital Paper & Sticker Pack

Hi everyone! Today’s post is going to be short and sweet, so let’s get to the point. I have a bunch of freebies for you! Tomorrow morning at 8 AM CST my newsletter will be sent out and it has a free digital stamp in it. If you haven’t already, you can sign up HERE! Here is a look at the new digital stamp being sent out.

All I ask with all of my freebies is that when you use them, you don’t try to pass them off as your own designs. Also, never try to sell them because that’s just not nice. So basically, just be a kind and honest human.

You can also click the photo above and save the image to print out and use as a card front for a quick and simple card! Or you can click below and download the free printable 5 x 7 version of this card.

FREE Printable Paper Packs

I also have a few printable paper packs for you. The first is a huge Primary Paper Pack that includes 20 different papers along with 3 sticker sheets. I wanted to something bright and colorful, which I think we could all use right now! I also love to use primary colors on cards for kids, who could really use some cards right now, too.

Download the Primary Paper & Sticker Pack Here

I also have another paper pack that I am making available on my blog. This was sent to all of my newsletter subscribers last month, but I have decided to also give the paper packs away on my blog, as well. The only difference is, I have now included a sticker sheet with the paper pack. However, if you want the digital stamps that are freebies in my newsletter, you have to sign up for it in the Subscribe tab above.

Download the Bright Gingham & Lines Paper Pack Here

Because both paper packs now include their own sticker sheets, I want to include my video on how I like to print my sticker sheets, what I use to print and print them onto, and all that info! Check out the video below! And if you missed this freebie, you can still find them all HERE.

And one last freebie for you all. I never did get a chance to post the card front mock up and printable card from my last digital freebie. Here they are! Just click the photo to save the mock up card front and click below to download the printable card.

If you want to see how to use my printable cards, you can watch the video tutorial below!

And if that isn’t enough freebies for you, don’t worry, I have a whole page full of them! You can find it HERE.

I hope you all are staying safe and healthy! Until next time, happy crafting!!

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