Thank You Foilable Card Fronts

Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing well. I know our family has been enjoying the outdoors (in our yard) the past few days and we are officially on our last week of home schooling! If you haven’t noticed I am loving designing and giving away freebies, so that is what I am doing today!

While I am fortunate enough to stay home during this time, I know not everyone is, especially those who are deemed essential. I am so thankful to EVERYONE who is working and making the world go round right now. Whether they are keeping our grocery shelves stocked and shopping all those online orders, working in a warehouse to fill orders, small business who are just trying to keep their businesses going and their customers happy, janitors who are working overtime right now, or the first responders and medical workers going into work every single day while the rest of us get to stay safe in the comfort of our own homes I want to say THANK YOU.

Everyone has something special they can do for essential workers. I was inspired by my Mother-In-Law who is an amazing baker (unlike myself). She sent me this picture a few weeks ago. She baked 8 DOZEN cookies to take into the hospital and my jaw dropped. And just a few days ago she sent me another picture of MORE cookies she made to take to a clinic where she used to work and has a wonderful doctor who has been a guiding force for our community.

So I started thinking about what I could do. I’m not sure anyone would want to receive my baking, sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t, so I started designing cards. Specifically, I created card fronts that are able to be foiled, or you can pull them into Photoshop Elements and add color. I will also link the PNGs with clear backgrounds below, in case you want to add any digital images behind the words.

I created these fronts so I could mass produce simple, but striking cards to hand out to not only health care workers, but also to the grocery store works who pack up my orders into my car, my mail lady who is working tirelessly, etc. Just make these and hand these out to anyone who is working right now and keeping everything going. Drop some off at your local retirement or nursing home. Those employees NEED it! Also, police departments, fire departments, trash collectors, ANYONE!!!

Here’s the download with all four card fronts ready to be printed on a sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock.

Here are the individual card fronts with a clear background. These will allow you to layer them over other digital stamps, easily add color behind them, etc.

Coming Soon…

I know not everyone has the ability to or wants to foil. I do have an upcoming video that will be all about changing these black and white images into colorful card fronts! So stay tuned!!

Until next time, happy crafting everyone and stay safe and healthy!!

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