New Freebies Alert!!

Today marks the second day of the Spring Coffee Lover’s Hop and I have some freebies to share with you that are all part of a coffee inspired set! I have a full set including patterned papers, a sticker sheet, printable card front, printable card, and finally a digital stamp!! Let me say, I normally only give digital stamps in my newsletter, and that will still hold true except for special occassions like this. So, if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for my newsletter HERE!

Signing up for my newsletter is the ONLY way to receive the digital stamps that I normally send out for free. This is the first time I’ve ever given one out on my blog and only plan to do so on very special occassions, like I said above! To view all the freebies that I do have available on my blog head HERE.


The Digital Stamp

OK, now the reason you’re all here!! Here’s the digital stamp! You can download the PNG file and use it as you wish. The only thing I ever ask for any of my downloads is you don’t try to pass them off as your own creations and you don’t try to sell them. Basically, I just ask you to be a nice and honest human!

You can download this two ways. Either right click and “Save Image As” or you can download from the button below! The same goes for the rest of the freebies!

The Colored Printable Card Fronts & Card

And with every digital stamp, I always make a “mock up” to add a little color and really show off the stamp in the best way. This image can be resized and used as a card front or add a little text and use it as a sign, whatever you want to use it for! Then below that is the 5″ x 7″ printable card. I’ll link a video below to show you how to print and use those!

Sticker Sheet

Here is the free sticker sheet! This is a fun one that is completely coffee inspired! If you aren’t familiar with my sticker sheets, I do have a video for that too! It shares how I print them, what I print them onto, how I use them, etc. You can check it out below!

The Digital Paper Pack

Ok, the last and final freebie in this set is the digital paper pack. This is a smaller set than what I have been making, but if you NEED more papers to download and print, you can find more on my freebie page! I don’t have a video on how I use these, but it’s very easy. You just print these 6″ x 6″ designs onto cardstock with your printer. Then you can die cut them, cut them up, use them as backgrounds, use them how you would any other piece of patterned paper! And while these are 6″ x 6″ designs, they are in PNG format, so you can easily scale up or down as needed.

These can be downloaded from Dropbox through the link below! Just click the photo to head to Dropbox and download the entire set!
(It’s easier this way, then putting them each as an individual file on my blog!)

Have fun using these! And remember, if you do use them, be sure to tag me across social media so I can check out your creations!! Happy crafting everyone!!

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