Hello There

My last post on this blog was on July 30, 2020. I never wanted to just disappear for a length of time, but it had to be done. This past year I have been homeschooling both of my kids – not public school from home, but homeschooling on our own. That means I am creating lesson plans, teaching both of my kiddos, helping with assignments, etc. I was overloaded. Something had to give and that was this blog and all of my design team work.

Let me add a bit more here – I have absolutely LOVED homeschooling my kids. It’s really been a lot of fun and I understand how incredibly lucky our family is that I am able to stay home and do this. We’ve been able to really focus on m daughter’s reading and she has grown so much. My son has been able to do science experiment after science experiment. And we’ve crafted and done art. It’s been so much fun!

But as I’ve been thinking over these past seven months, in hindsight it was for the best I take this break. It’s made me think about what I was actually doing on this blog and how when I started blogging, I never intended for it to solely focus on paper crafting. I LOVE card making, but it’s not the only crafting that I like to do.

When I first started my blog, I named it CRAFTING While Caffeinated intentionally. My plan was to showcase all the different crafting projects I make. But somewhere along the way, I got a bit lost and ended up being solely focused on card making . So as I SLOWLY start to blog again, it’s going to be a mishmash here. Let me take you through some of the things I want to share.

  • Crochet Patterns and Video Tutorials
  • FREE Printables – I still love drawing and I’ve been working on a lot of different printables. These include address labels, homeschool worksheets, and so much more!
  • FREE Digital Stamps – I love digital stamping and of course, I’ve worked on some freebies! I will also be adding all of my previous freebies here, so they can be downloaded by anyone that missed them the first time. I’ve also worked on some digital paper packs.
  • Book Recommendations – I am an avid reader, and I want to share some great books I’ve read recently. I’ve also got some free printable bookmarks.
  • Cardmaking and Papercrafting Projects and Videos – Of course I’ll still be posting these, that’s just not ALL I’m going to post. Plus, I have a backlog of videos I just never got around to editing and posting before I took a break.
  • Anything I feel like posting

I think that last one is the main point. I got a bit caught up in designing for different companies, which was fun, just very time consuming. It took up the majority of time to create for those companies, and it left very little time for me to create JUST for fun. I over committed and burned myself out, which is no one’s fault but my own. I’ll have more on that in a later post, because I also have some advice for those of you who want to start designing.

But now that I have this – I”M BACK and explain where I went – post done, which has been a hurdle itself with so many questions like “Am I REALLY ready to start again?”, “Can I stay committed to doing what I want to do and say no when I need to?”, “Is it the right time?”, “Do I sound like I’m complaining?”, etc. etc. etc. , it’s time to start fresh!

I’ll be posting again soon – so stay tuned!!

One thought on “Hello There

  1. You have a great blog and beautiful children. Enjoy the children while you can and blog when you really feel like it. Never blog or anything is because you feel like you have to. Only do it when the urge hits!


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