Free Donut Digital Stamp + Digital Paper Set

While I’ve been gone, I was still drawing. Drawing is one of those activities that I just absolutely love and helps me destress. And I love to share what I’ve drawn and made. It makes it so much better!

So today, I’m sharing a new digital stamp, plus a ready made printable card, a digital paper pack and sticker sheet! Just head below to download them all at the link!

Click the photo above to head over to Dropbox, where you can download the entire set!

As always, my freebies are yours to use as you wish. The ONLY things I ask, are that you don’t try to claim them as your own and you don’t try to sell them – that’s not nice. Link to them as you wish, they’re free to everyone!

If you are wondering how I print/use my sticker sheets or how I print/use my printable cards, be sure to check out the playlist I’ve made on YouTube that gives you the run down!

I hope you all enjoy this free set. And if you do use it and post your photos to Instagram, be sure to tag me! I love to see them!!

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