FREE Book Label Download

A few weeks ago I shared my 12 favorite books from 2020. Reading is something I have been doing a lot more of lately and with that comes buying books, too. I buy new books and I buy used books, but one thing I love to do either way is put my name in them. Labeling my books is a great way to make sure my books come “home”.

FREE Book Label Download

I love using printable labels for each of my books. It just looks nice and clean and pretty! Today, I have a free download for you so you can label your own books, too!

Just click below to download the labels and then keep reading below to see how and what I print them onto!

**Remember, my downloads are completely free and yours to use and share! The only things you can’t do are try and pass these images off as your own creations or try to sell them. Basically, be a nice and decent human!**

To download the free printable labels just click the photo above. It should open in a new tab. Then, in that new tab, right click the image and choose the “Save Image As” option from the drop down menu. Name your file, or just keep it the same, and then click save. It’s that easy!

How To Print and What to Print the FREE Book Labels Onto

I made these book labels in black and white purposely. Color is always fun, but I wanted anyone and everyone to be able to print this first set of labels. To print these free book labels, you can use either an ink jet printer or laser printer. I use a laser printer. I’ll leave a cheaper laser printer option below! I use and love this printer!

And what do I print onto? For labels, like this, I like to use a matte label paper or matte sticker paper. Nothing glossy, so when I write my name the ink doesn’t smear. I like the Amazon brand label paper. It’s a really great price, 100 sheets come in a package, and it sticks really well!

And finally, to cut these free book labels out, you can use scissors and simply cut them out. Or, you can use a 2.5 ” circle punch. This is really optional and totally not necessary, but if you have several books to label, it could be worth the investment. Plus, circle punches are really handy to have around! Circle dies will do the same thing, just run it through your die cut machine of choice!

I hope you all enjoy these free book labels! Be sure to check out all the other freebies that are here on the blog, too!! Until next time, happy crafting!!

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