New Addition to the Making Card Bases Free Download

While I was taking a break from cardmaking a new card size became really popular. The slimline card size was all the rage. So many companies are making special dies, stencils and cardstocks that are perfect for this size of card. I have to say, I LOVE this size of card and that’s mostly because it fits inside of a standard #10 envelope!

The entire reason I created the pdf was because I wanted a printable for MY craft room that I could easily reference for card sizes. There is nothing worse than being in a creative zone and having to stop what you’re doing and search online for card sizes. And with the popularity of this new card size, that meant my PDF was out of date, which meant I couldn’t reference it and neither could any of you who have already downloaded it! So I set out to rectify that and I have a new addition to the file!

This new page contains all the information you need to create a slimline card base. I have added it and updated the full PDF with all of the card sizes, or, if you’ve already downloaded and printed the PDF previously, I have added just the slimline page below, too. This way you can print just that reference sheet if you need it.

Download the New & Improved Card Base PDF

Download the new Making Card Bases PDF file below!

Slimline PDF Only

If you’ve already downloaded and printed the original PDF, just download and print this extra sheet to add to your reference!

Making Card Bases Video Tutorial

If you need help making sense of how to make card bases, be sure to check out my video tutorial! It contains all the information in the PDF, but I just show you in real time how to make the cuts and where to score. It can help to make the pictures make a little more sense if you’re still having trouble!

I hope you all enjoy and find this newest addition of the making card bases PDF useful! Until next time, happy crafting!!

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